Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) is a Public Health Institute One of the constituent institutes under the Uganda National Health Research Organisation (UNHRO) UNHRO is an organisation under the Ministry of Health, Uganda. UVRI is committed to providing training in practical skills in accordance with the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2010, to enhance employability skills of graduates from training Institutions.

Internship programme at UVRI

This programme runs throughout the year with a peak period from June to August. UVRI offers internship for a maximum period of up to three months. UVRI offers training to Scientists at different levels of their careers as well as undergraduates and school leavers. At both National and International level.

The UVRI training Committee

The internship programme is coordinated by a training committee. All UVRI training Programmes are represented on this committee.

Application/Selection Procedures

How to apply

Fill a standard application form Attach a letter from the University Attach a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Students eligible for attachment

Senior six leavers Undergraduates New graduates Postgraduates

Selection procedure

Selection committee-based on slots available Award of attachment letters


25 Scholarships worth UGX 150,000 are available for the June to August students to compete for by:

-Writing a good essay on reasons for doing internship at UVRI and

-a Curriculum Vitae.

Induction Day

Done on the reporting day in June, every year. All the students are officially welcomed to UVRI. They listen to different speakers who help to orient them with what happens at UVRI. Students take the Official Oath and Oath of Secrecy in line with Uganda Public Service Standing Orders-2010.

Group photo. Induction day, 2011

Facilitators and students, having lunch. Induction day, 2012

End of Internship/student competition

Students give a presentation on their selected topic Students present to a team of selected adjudicators Students write and submit a report to the training committee at the end of the internship

click here to download the UVRI application form

Dr Jane Kengeya Kayondo's talk on life skills