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MUII+ 2018 Grants call out

Our vision is African institutions and African scientists leadingInfection and Immunity research which is relevant to Africa and which has atransformative impact on African Health. Our goal is to realise this vision through a Centre of Excellence forInfection and Immunity research in Uganda.

Infectious diseases still represent a major health burden inAfrica.  HIV, malaria and tuberculosis are still major killers.  Neglectedinfectious diseases cause extensive illness and misery.  Emergingand re-emerging infectious diseases threaten the fabric of society.  Vaccines, improved diagnostics and improvedinterventions are greatly needed for most of these conditions.  However, the transition to urban living andchanging lifestyles mean that exposure to infections is changing and theso-called “non-communicable” diseases (NCDs) – such as cancer, diabetes, highblood pressure, stroke – are becoming major concerns in our societies.  There are important infection-NCD links: infections may be casual agents (as in somecancers) or may modulate immune responses and even protect against inflammatorydiseases (such as asthma).  At the sametime, human genetic studies promise newinsights into immunobiology because genetic variability in Africa is so high,and pathogen genomics contributesunderstanding of biology and transmission. MUII-plus is interested in supporting research in these important areas.

MUII-plus funding opportunities are directed at two goals.  First, to support training and careerdevelopment for potential and emerging African leaders in Infection andImmunity research.  Second, to supportInfection and Immunity researchers at all levels in Uganda to undertakeworld-class research by providing grants which support collaborativeinitiatives and short-term technical and professional training.

Applications for funding through MUII-plus should propose research which(i) is based in Uganda, (ii) has a clear link to Makerere University or to theUganda Virus Research Institute and (iii) involves translational science,linking epidemiological or clinical studies to laboratory investigations, or tobioinformatics and computational analyses. 

For this Call, only Scientistswho are members of the MUII Centre, or who work with and are nominated by aCentre member, are eligible to apply.  Detailsof Centre membership policy, of the responsibilities of Centre members, and ofhow to apply to be a Centre member, are available on the MUII website.

Applications that promote collaborations between Makerere and UVRI, andwith other partners in Uganda, are encouraged, as are collaborations withworld-leading regional and international research partners.  Potential applicants who would like help inidentifying suitable collaborations are encouraged to contact the secretariatthrough the Programme Manager for support.

Co-funding from a second source is encouraged where this is availableand will enhance the research or training opportunity.

Candidates should submit their applications using the forms provided onthe website.  Further enquiries may bedirected to the Centre Manager, Victoria Bukirwa ( and  Centre Administrator, Moses Kizza (;


 Grant type


Eligibility criteria

What’s included

Timeline & submission

1.       Research travel grants


These grants are intended to support MUII-plus scientists to visit and work with collaborating experts. Travel could be undertaken

·         To allow the researcher to undertake analyses or assays that cannot be done in Uganda, or where they would benefit from international expertise in terms of training, mentorship or collaborations or

·         To allow the researcher to develop a collaborative funding proposal

·         A Centre member, or a researcher in a Centre member’s team, supported by the Centre member’s recommendation


·         Travel costs such as bus or airfare, visa, travel insurance

·         Accommodation and subsistence

·         Maximum budget £4,000


Publication date:  

20th March 2018


This is a single-stage application process.


Deadline for applications: 

30th April 2018


Submission is by e-mail to:

The MUII-plus administrator (see application form)


Decisions will be communicated by 31st May 2018


Grants awarded in response to this call must be used before 30th June 2019.

2.       Visiting scientist grants

These grants are intended to offer diverse opportunities: for example they could include

·         Mbarara staff, acquiring skills in new technologies

·         “externs” (young post-doctoral scientists, planning new projects or working on analyses

·         “Professors in Residence” undertaking short sabbaticals, offering mentorship, developing collaborations

·         A Centre member, or a researcher in a Centre member’s team

·         Travel costs such as bus or airfare, visa, travel insurance

·         Accommodation and subsistence

·         Maximum budget £3,000

3.       Endeavour awards


These grants are intended to support MUII-plus scientists with bright new ideas to propose interactive meetings with local or international partners on topics of their choice. 

·         A Centre member, or a researcher in a Centre member’s team, supported by the Centre member’s recommendation

·         Maximum Budget £2,000

How to apply

Submit a completed small grants application form (available on the website) by the 30th April 2018 to Moses Kizza (MUII-PLUS administrator):; and Victoria Bukirwa(MUII-PLUS Centre Manager) 


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Posted 23rd, March 2018