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MUII-plus Internship call for People With Disabilites (PWDs) 2017

                           The Makerere University - UVRI Centre of Excellence for Infection and
                                                 Immunity Research and Training
                                       Persons with disability New Graduate Internship
Our vision is African Institutions and African scientists leading Infection and Immunity research which is relevant to Africa and which has a transformative impact on African Health.
Our goal is to realise this vision through a Centre of Excellence for Infection and Immunity research in Uganda.

MUII-plus, through its internship programme, received funds from the Wellcome Trust to support two PWDs young new graduates for a period of six months, with allowances. The career training opportunities will enable disabled new graduates to initiate a career in science and or research support.

In Uganda and the world at large, qualified disabled people have failed to get employed partly because they have no job-experience. The internship programme is therefore intended to place disabled young graduates in employment circles so that they acquire job-experience and work related dynamics for a period of six months so as to gain the ability to compete in the wider job market. In addition, it is intended to give the employers the opportunity to observe the effectiveness and productivity of disabled graduates in the workplace.

MUII-Plus will work with disabled agencies/organisations to accord the disabled interns with basic support during the internship period. MUII-plus will work with disabled agencies to identify
suitable PWD interns, share supervision and mentor ship between MUII-plus and disabled interns and support assistance, and provide simple additional facilities, if required, with support from disabled agencies/organizations.

Candidates should submit their applications using the forms provided on the website together with their Curriculum Vitae and a letter from the student's University or equivalent parent institution
explaining the need for attachment if the attachment is a required part of the course of study. A letter is only required from those still at the University/Institution. Further inquiries may be directed to or

DEADLINE: August 31st, 2017

Posted 11th, July 2017