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MUII-plus - UMIC bioinformatics grants call July 2017

             The Makerere University - UVRI Centre of Excellence for Infection and Immunity
                                      Research and Training (MUII-plus)
                          &The Uganda Medical Informatics Centre(UMIC)
                         MUII - UMIC project grants: call for applications

The vision of MUII plus is African institutions and African scientists leading Infection and Immunity research
which is relevant to Africa and which has a transformative impact on African Health.Our goal is to realise this
vision through a Centre of Excellence for Infection and Immunity research in Uganda.

MUII-plus aims to support Infection and Immunity researchers at all levels in Uganda to undertake world-class
research by providing grants which support collaborative initiatives. In this context, MUII-plus is keen to
support researchers who wish to use bioinformatic approaches in the context of epidemiological studies in
Africa, and to contribute to building capacity in this field.

The MRC/UVRI Uganda Medical Informatics Centre (UMIC) is a UK Medical Research Council (MRC) funded
initiative carried out in collaboration between the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit, The Wellcome Trust
Sanger Institute and the University of Cambridge and governed by the African Partnership for Chronic Disease
Research (APCDR). It aims to link research and educational institutions and to build academic, government and
private partnerships in bioinformatics across Africa.

This infrastructure provides a unique high-throughput computational resource supporting a broad range of
computational genomics research, including the development of analysis pipelines and algorithms, as well as
the application of deep analytics into health research. The UMIC - as part of the infrastructure capacity building
programme of the APCDR - hosts a Data Centre with the computational capacity of 500 high-end bench tops
operating as a single computer, allowing the storage of 10,000 high coverage full genomes and a wide range of
clinical databases - making it one of the largest health research orientated computational resource in Sub-
Saharan Africa.

This call offers funding for research projects involving high-end parallel compute for analysis to be
undertaken at the UMIC Data Centre. Funding will be determined according to computational
requirements as calculated by the UMIC team, with awards ranging from £10,000 - £ 20,000. The
applications will be assessed on the basis of scientific quality of research, novelty and timeliness as
well as feasibility and likely outputs.

Since MUII-plus aims particularly to build capacity in Uganda, applications for this round of funding will be open
to the wider Uganda research community.African scientists of any nationality are welcome to apply but
the work must be associated to a Ugandan institution and involve collaborators based in
Uganda.Applications that promote collaborations between Ugandan institutions, or between
Ugandan Institutions and international research partners, are encouraged.

Candidates should submit their preliminary applications using the forms provided on the website. Further
enquiries may be directed in first instance to the UMIC project manager, CescGalban-Horcajo
(, also to the MUII-plusCentre Manager, Ms Allen Mukhwana ( or
Administrator, Mr Moses Kizza (;

All documents must be submitted to Mr Moses Kizza (; by
the deadline of 31st August2017.
Posted 11th, July 2017