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Bioinformatics in the tropics Uganda 2015: Introduction to bioinformatics analysis techniques for next generation sequencing data


The workshop involves theoretical lectures\r\nand practical sessions on analysis techniques for dealing with Next Generation\r\nSequencing (NGS) data, including an introduction to programming for the study\r\nof large data sets of HIV and other genomic data. It will introduce working in\r\nLinux and R programs. Various topics on NGS analysis e.g. de novo genome\r\nassembly, annotation, SNP calling, HIV-1 drug resistance mutation genotyping,\r\npopulation genetics/phylogenetics etc will be covered. Tools for data\r\nvisualization and analysis e.g. Galaxy, e-Biokit among others will also be\r\nintroduced. Usage of open source technologies will be encouraged.

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Posted 13th, May 2015